Dress down glamour.

Jewels and jeans, how we are working dressy into the everyday. 

Diamonds and denim. An absolute classic pairing, although initially thought of as incongruous the two balance each other for effortless glamour. Often it’s the concepts that feel so far apart, which bring an absolute feeling of harmony when brought together.


2022 style is currently seeing a wave of oyster and champagne tones in silk and heavy satin textures. It’s no wonder then, that pearls are having a moment. Their creamy, organic luminosity is a gorgeous pairing with silks and sun kissed skin. We especially love to style our pearls pieces with denim and undone styling, bringing these oceanic beauties into our everyday wear.

The Rockin style team have curated pearl pieces with a modern or edgy setting, steering away from your ‘classic’ styles. We especially love this freshwater pearl choker by Beach Boho Love. Chokers are hot right now with 90’s styling reigning high. By using pearls as the stone of choice, this necklace style feels a little more premium. Paired with a ‘90’s Pammy updo and you’re onto an absolute winner. 

Pearl earring fan? Look no further than these heavenly Vita Earrings by Love’s Labour’s Won.


Is there anything that says nonchalant glamour than denim and diamonds? We think not. The two sartorial stalwarts of your staple wardrobe can do no wrong when put together.

This square ring from AYA puts a sculptural and modern twist on your classic diamond ring. AYA’s collection sets the precedent for wearable fine jewellery. 

Diamond cuffs and climbers are a new modern staple and a constant fixture in our ears. It’s worth therefore investing in high quality pieces for something we now wear so often. These AYA climbers and cuff are exquisite, but if you’re looking for a more purse friendly diamond option, plump for the Salt + Pepper Anna diamond climbers. 


Another stone that often gets reserved for formality, emerald can be such an easy way to inject some vibrancy into your everyday wear. As with diamond embrace a modern setting and style. This lust worthy Tatu ring by AYA shows us how to wear emerald with our dress down wardrobe.