Friendship bracelets. Gifts for when you can’t be there.

If the last two years has taught us anything, it is the power of friendship and the effect it has on our happiness and well being.

Some of us have been lucky enough to reconnect with friends and rekindle relationships that had become diluted by everyday distractions. We were able to re-focus on what was important and reach out again to the people that make us happy. But for many of us, the removal of physical interactions and normal life has, at times, left us uncertain and lonely- friends are all too important in these times also.

This is perhaps why so many of us now are wearing jewellery that holds sentiment and meaning. For those times we cannot be with the people we love.

With the festive season in full swing this is the perfect opportunity to gift a symbol of your friendship. For those friends you left behind or for those you leant upon throughout- a good friend never falters and will always be there even when time has passed between you.

Buy them something unique that will always remind them of your appreciation. In turn you are supporting a small business and helping a stranger grow their brand and enterprise- friendship knows no end.