Gifting season is here. Buy Luxe without the Big Bucks. 

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Gifting comes naturally to some, and causes severe anxiety for others. If you find yourself hovering with intent over a generic bubble bath gift set then, STOP.  This is the easy option. And frankly no one needs another bath bomb that coats your entire body in glitter. 

Luxury doesn’t mean pricey

Luxury gifting sounds unattainable but here at Rockin we have handpicked a treasure trove of demi-fine pieces across a range of price points. 

So for those who say that luxury jewellery doesn’t exist in this price category- Au contraire.  

Unique, sustainable and independent

Every single item of our jewellery is ethically sourced and designed by our talented portfolio of artisan designers. Rockin is a marketplace of jewellery makers and creators. Every piece of jewellery you buy has a story and provenance. Each store has an identity, living and breathing the creative process and bringing something unique to you, the customer.

Best of the best

When you buy from us you are delving into a world of untapped creative talent. We have poured time into carefully curating a directory of beautiful products from the yet-to-be-discovered stars of the jewellery world. 

Our style editor has pulled together the ultimate wish list of Luxe for Less jewellery to help you shop savvy and with style… let’s hope she’s been a good girl

Amazonite Necklace

Amazonite Necklace


Sienna Neckchain


Dusty Disc Pendant Necklace


Garnet Earrings


Aurelia Vintage Glass Earrings