Mixin’ Metals – How to Blend Gold and Silver Jewellery Like a Pro

Think you’ve got to stick in one camp when it comes to gold or silver? Think again. Just like the so-say ‘golden’ rules of style that tell you that you mustn’t clash prints, and black with navy is a fashion crime of the highest order, the age-old tradition of picking one metal and sticking to it when accessorising belongs on the rubbish heap of history.

We caught up with our Style Editor Harriet Langsbury for her top tips when it comes to mixing metals, giving you the must-dos – and must don’ts – when it comes to the subtle art of blending your jewels.

Can I wear gold and silver jewellery together?

“Absolutely, yes! How to accessorise with your jewels really has no rulebook in today’s day and age. Instead, it’s all about selecting pieces that complement eachother to form an overall style that suits you; working together with your outfit to bring out your individuality. Mixing the metals you wear really helps this, piecing together a ‘look’ that’s totally unique to you.

What gold and silver jewellery works well together?

“There’s no right or wrong when it comes to styles that suit being pieced together, although there are a few things you could bear in mind to avoid looking a little ‘overloaded’. When it comes to golds, blending rose gold with yellow gold can offer a more subtle contrast, whilst matching yellow and silver can offer a more stark purposeful juxtaposition for those looking to make more of a statement.

Considering your skin tone and what works best to bring out your natural colouring is also worthwhile. Warmer skin tones typically suit the yellow and rose golds out there, whilst silver and white gold works well with cooler or neutral undertones. If you can’t decide, or love both, then go two-toned; like the stunning Eco Silver with Brass Hala Necklace from Lunar James. 

Top tips for blending metals? Zone Out “And by that, I mean consider mixing metals on different ‘zones’ of your body. If you’re wearing yellow gold rings, for example, a silver bracelet can provide a nice contrast with a little visual space in between; likewise with a gold necklace/ silver earrings, or a watch on one arm/ bracelet on the other. There really are no rules as I’m a firm believer of wearing anything with confidence, however if you’re unsure, spacing things out on your body can give a more subtle nod to the metal-blending trend.

Weigh It Up “It’s a good idea to consider how ‘statement’ your pieces are when thinking about what metals to wear together. If you’re wearing a large, bold gold necklace like this Large Disc Pendant Gold Necklace from Lily Flo, providing a direct contrast with a sleek and dainty silver chain can give a beautiful pop of alternative colour. Likewise, if you’ve gone heavy on the silver or white gold earrings, pairing with yellow gold bracelets can offer a nice change without detracting from or ‘jarring’ with the earrings themselves.

Stack ‘em High “Luckily, stacking rings are all the rage right now (trust us, we can’t get enough of ‘em) and they offer the perfect way to blend gold and silver to look bang on-trend. Choose rings of the same type in different metals to stack on top of eachother as opposed to switching metals between hands for a beautiful way to subtly modernise your look, or try stacking your earrings with different metals per ear and switching between cuffs/ hoops. Get some ring inspiration here.

Layers Are Key “Love a layered look? So do we. Layered chain necklaces of varied lengths offer a fantastic way of working a blended gold/ silver vibe into your look, likewise when it comes to layered bracelets. Choose styles to suit your overall look and don’t be afraid to layer over high-necked clothes to really draw attention to the pieces you’ve chosen. Sometimes, when it comes to jewellery, more really is more; so mix it up and blend those metals for a bold, unique look that’s individual to you.

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