Oh baby baby- why nostalgic Y2K jewellery feels so right.

As a 35 year old writing this, I am for the first time in my fashion life, experiencing a sense of nostalgia. It’s certainly not one I would have expected. Paris Hilton is now a sartorial icon. Jeans so low you risk indecent exposure, are back. T shirts that sit below your bellybutton are passe. Mean Girls is now in the classic film genre (I mean who can argue with that?). And exposed g strings are chic.  

Whether you’re in or out, there is an easy way to embrace the trend in a more subtle way. Accessorising allows you to give a playful nod to the trend without needing to jump right in. Dip your toe into tacky chic, and see how deep you end up.

Brands to Love…

Kitsch-with-a-conscience brand, Beach Boho Love, embodies all the Y2K vibes but with a 2022 approach to provenance and sustainability. Handmade in her studio in the UK, Lena makes each piece individually and will personalise at your request (very Y2K). The collection is full of fun and frivolity- smiley face beads, brightly coloured crystals and bracelets that look like sweeties. Everything a 2K Babe needs in her wardrobe repertoire.

If you want to go for a more sophisticated 2000 vibe then look no further than Tamsin Francesca. Tamsin’s pieces, whilst timeless, do have a real nostalgic vibe to them. Silver reigned high in this era so this expandable Jasmine ring ticks all the boxes when it comes to harnessing the trend. With a forensic eye for detail and an uncompromising approach to sustainable production, Tamsin’s collection is one to cherish beyond a booming trend.

Kitsch luxe is the sweet spot for this brand. Tapping into the vintage rock and roll vibes touted by Mossy and Chung in the mid to late noughties, Sweet Marie nails the current penchant for playful jewellery with aplomb. 

Colourful, technicolour hearts, swallows and star charms make this collection an absolute must-see.