How to Photograph Fine Jewellery

Getting across the intricacy of your beautiful creations in a photograph can be tricky, particularly if you’re taking the shots yourself. Whilst you may leave your product photography in the hands of the professionals, it can be a real cost – and time – saver to do it yourself.

We’ve teamed up with one of our jewellery photography experts here at Rockin to divulge top tips on how to get this right; perfect for ensuring you have all the tools at your disposal to ensure your items are looking their best, no matter who’s looking.

Go Macro
Choosing the right lens for a photography job is like a painter choosing the right brush for their painting. For extra close-up details like fine jewellery items, you can use a macro lens; fantastic for getting really close to your subject, as they have extremely close focusing distances. Using a lens like this will give you the benefit of seeing all the microscopic details and textures.

If you don’t have a camera, then there are some pretty decent third-party attachments for your phone that allow you to achieve macro distances. With macro photography, tripods are highly recommended to stabilise your shots, minimising or removing any camera shakes.

Product Shots
For consistent looking e-commerce shots, try using a light tent to give soft and even light throughout. Try and keep the commerce shots consistent – so the same crops, background, platform etc. If the images are still dark and you’ve adjusted the settings on the camera for exposure, I’d suggest investing in some additional lighting to keep overall consistency and exposure. Again, use your tripod for stability and continuity between shots.

For other product shots, be creative with your environment but make sure it’s on brand. Think about the surface the items are presented on… Tile, wood, metal, cork and mirror could be good, but ask yourself they fit with the brand identity and feel before you take the plunge.

RJ Spicer

Styling Shots
Make sure that your styling choices and locations fit with your brand identity and direction. A well- styled location and decent model can make all the difference. If possible, use experienced models and – it sounds obvious – but make sure they are well groomed. Bitten fingernails and ring advertisements don’t go well together; and yes, hand models do exist!

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to consider with any part of photography. If you are not well-versed with lighting or flash then use the natural, ambient light around you. You might have a corner in your kitchen or sitting room where you get beautiful light throughout the day. Is there any interesting dappling or strong shadow shapes that could be used? Hard light may encourage specular highlights which works well for jewellery. Try to stay away from using overhead house lamps or lights and always have a reflector with you; they can be handy to fill in any unwanted shadows.

All in the Edits
After you have shot your images, take them into an editing programme that allows for a wide range of tweaking and editing. Here, you can clean any unwanted blemishes and adjust the brightness, contrast and colour, but also save shots in the correct size for web and screen resolution.

A big thank you to our featured jeweller RJ Spicer for their beautiful shots!

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