You’re cordially invited to the Arm Party

Fashion is having a hybrid moment- clothing is becoming jewellery and vice versa. The renaissance of ‘jeans and a nice top’ has elevated ‘The Top’ to new heights and we are now seeing lots of straps and strings criss-crossing and side angling across our chests and necks. Whilst we are all behind The Top’s moment (it works so hard right?) it does beg the question, ‘what do we do with our necklaces?’

Whilst you can sneak a wee chain in here and there (chokers are a must) we are often retiring our pendants to allow the garment to do its thing. 

Welcome then, to the arm party.

For too long the bangle, arm cuff and wrist chain has sat in the shadows. However, celebrity and influencer trends are showing us that arm and wrist styling is here to stay.  Stack them for a boho vibe or go for a single, simple cuff if you’re edging toward a minimal look.

We have been hitting up Studio 54 feels and layering our upper arm (biceps out ladies). Ondine’s adjustable bangles are the perfect way to create a cuff trio, or if you want to go for a more subtle 90’s vibe, the Salt and Pepper gold Neve cuff is a perfect accompaniment to a silk cami. 
Here’s how we have been wearing our bangles of late. 

Salt + Pepper Tilly Diamond Bangle

Simple, weighty and deliciously golden. This stunning bangle hangs perfectly from your wrist, whilst the speckled Salt and Pepper diamonds catch the light.

Salt + Pepper Slice Bangle 

Behold the Salt + Pepper Chrysophrase slice. Wow it packs a punch! Statement, sublime, summer vibes are what this piece is all about.

Ondine Seaglass Bangles

Layer up these adjustable arm cuffs, each one is totally unique. Sea glass is now a style staple for the modern traveller, wear them with sunkissed skin, salty hair and feminine dresses.